Christmas Decor!

I told myself that I would take pictures of the house redo before the 'newness' wore off and everything looked normal and not fresh and crisp and devoid of juice spills and crayons and muddy footprints.


That didn't happen.

I also told myself that I would go all out for Christmas, decorating everything in sight in holiday cheer.

That also did not happen. However, the intentions were there. I was totally going to do it right after I sent D on a wild goose chase to purchase 3M Command strips LIKE ON THE COMMERCIALS so that I could hang lighted garland on our somewhat-freshly painted walls.

You know what DID happen? A tree. And a little holiday love sprinkled around the house. And I'm going to show you the festive array next week, after I get a chance to upload the photos.

And possibly blur out the dust on the tables and under the furniture, because, as you might guess, that dusting also DID NOT HAPPEN.

But in my defense, I'd like to point out that acting as a home photographer with a curious two year old trying to jump into every shot and show off his naked belly [he's kind of into stripping down to the diaper at random times right now] IS NOT EASY.

I'm just sayin'.

Here's a shot to get you started... The shot seen 'round the internets, as it were. And no, the angel is NOT falling over. She's just very, very tired. ;)

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