A Week Of Thanksgiving.

It's more than great food and days off of work and family get togethers. It's even more than a precursor to Christmas.

Thanksgiving is a chance for us to lay aside our selfish, egocentric ideas of our own independence. Contrary to what we may make of our own abilities, none of us are here because we've pulled ourselves up by our own bootstraps.

That's not how it works.

As a nation, we tend to see ourselves as fiercely independent. Throughout the year, our holidays reflect a rousing sentiment of bravery and pride and standing our ground. Independence is a part of our lives - even reflected in our moral fabric.

But this holiday is different. From the beginning, it has represented thankfulness. For help, for friendship, for an extended hand, for another harvest. Nothing about Thanksgiving relates to our own abilities, and it's both humbling and rewarding to acknowledge that none of us have made it to where we are today without help.

As Christians, this holiday is especially poignant to us, because it represents all of God's provisions and blessings and mercy and answered prayers.

This week, I'm reflecting on my blessings, and I hope it inspires you to do the same. [I'm also taking names and kicking tail, but that's not as inspiring. ;)]

Join me for a week of thanksgiving, and maybe a slice of pie, too. =)

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