The Race Debate.

Just so we're clear, I firmly believe that there is only ONE 'race' - the human one. I despise the use of the word 'race' to identify skin tones as separate classes. But as much as I despise it, the world tends to divide itself that way. And as wrong as it may be, people tend to identify strongly with those who are closest to themselves in appearance.

I have to say that I'm thankful for an upbringing that encouraged love for all people, because the things I've heard from judgemental, self-righteous people offering unsolicited advice about separation of races could fill a book.

But I digress.

In 2008, when Barack Obama was sworn into the white house, people of every color celebrated at the historic moment. Although President Obama's politics differ vastly from mine, I was as optimistic as his supporters at the evidence of changes in the country.

The first black president in America. A huge stride in equality for all people.

But the changes he pushes are taking a toll on the nation. Relations between black, white, and hispanic people are dissolving, creating strong dividing lines where lines had been erased before. A recent study suggests that 'race relations' are actually deteriorating in America since President Obama took office.

Polls conducted by the Rasmussen group have shown a marked decrease, and that breaks my heart. As moral, intelligent human beings, we should be able to separate politics from skin tone, individual intelligence from a group mindset, and love from hate.

I hope that the president feels strongly about the changes he is enacting, because they're destroying our nation's unity.

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