A Little Guidance.

I overheard two mothers chatting about their mad parenting skills recently, and of COURSE I formed an opinion about their conversation which had nothing to do with me.

I'm not a parent, but it's something D and I both look forward to becoming. And when that time comes, my opinion will be fully justified. Until then, of course, it's just an opinion.

But I digress.

Woman A [red shirt, khakis, not that I was being nosy or anything] loudly described her parenting methods to Woman B [sundress, needed a tank top, that's all I'm sayin'], saying things like 'she knows what she wants' and 'we want her to do what she wants to do' and 'children will make the right choices if you let them'.

Woman B's voice didn't carry as well as her friend, but it doesn't matter, because Woman A's opinions left me deep in thought, wondering how anyone aside from her stands being around a presumably untamed, uncontrollable child, and how she projected her voice from three booths away, and also, most importantly, since when is shaping your child's future a crime?

I might be terribly old fashioned, but I believe parents have a responsibility to mold their children into respectable, moral humans, and believe it or not, your pre-teen does NOT have the wisdom to make the decisions you're allowing her, Woman A. When she is far more concerned about Silly Bandz than moral obligation, why are you giving her the chance to slide into a self-centered, hedonistic mentality where everything is right because she says so?

I hear that you get what you dished out to your parents when your own kids come around, so I know that D and I are in for a wild ride, even if we only inherit the mouthy, sassy genes from my side.

That's not including the stubborn, closemouthed genes from him.

But strong will aside, there is no WAY that our children will be running the show. It's unfair to ask that of them and it's unfair to make the world endure that kind of torture.

Children need parents, not enablers. Kids need to have respect for authority and morals, and sadly, those things seem to be falling out of fashion in favor of selfish indulgence.

And that, my friends, deserves a spanking. =)
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