I'm Thankful.

Ten things I'm thankful for today:

10. My health. In the past year, I've made more trips to doctors and hospitals than in my entire life. It's made me understand and appreciate the gift of health so much more clearly to know how fragile it is.

9. My jobs. Nothing is perfect, but we prayed long and hard about God providing ways for us to make extra money, and He gave them to us. And I'm thankful.

8. A strong network. Not only my close friends, but people I can reach out to for advice, recipes, conversations about life, love, and Jesus. And of course, my bloggy friends who keep reading and keep me going! ;)

7. Purpose. Living with purpose and goals is the difference between subsisting and truly living. I am truly thankful that I have a destination. It makes the living in-between goals easier.

6. Humor. It'd be so much harder to keep an eye on the prize without a little levity in between. For the moments where laughter spills out and fills the dark voids with a little bit of sunshine, I'm thankful.

5. A financial plan. Having a plan [and a hubby sticking to it with me] to be debt free is liberating, and I know that reaching our goal will mean even more reason to celebrate stewardship.

4. Friends. I'm priviledged to know some of the best - people who have stood by me through tests and pain and happiness and flurries of accusations that threatened to destroy my sanity. What sanity I have left, that is. I'm thankful for those people - they keep me believing in humanity.

3. My family. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little biased. I'm convinced that I have the BEST family. For real. The most WONDERFUL nephews, the most AMAZING parents, and the AWESOMEST family ever. And if you knew them, you might agree. They rock.

2. My husband. Truly the best thing I never knew I needed, he's my love, my friend, and my balance. I've been blessed. Not every day is a picnic in a rose garden, but every day IS a treasure. We're growing closer and stronger every day - and a little more in love, too. I'm keepin' this one! ;)

1. A loving, gracious Savior. I don't want to know what life would be like without Jesus in it. No matter where I go or how I change and grow and become, He's there. He's my Guide, my Rock, my Comfort, my Provider, and my Friend. I'm thankful for His mercy, grace, and love - because trust me, I've pulled some doozies, and love that covers all of my craziness is worth a lifetime of thankfulness.

So.. What are you thankful for?
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