Christmas Listing!

It's almost the most wonderful time of the year - if you're like me and obsessive about gift giving, that is.

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. I love everything about the holiday season, from the cooler weather and turning leaves to the hot drinks and family time. And the Christmas lights, because OMYGOODNESS, SHINY!


But my favorite part of the season is buying gifts for the people I love. It brings me the best kind of giddy joy to find the perfect gift. What can I say? It moves me.

I'm terrible about hanging onto surprises, too. That's why Christmas starts early around my house. I honestly cannot handle the suspense of having unopened gifts to give. It's torturous, and by December 1st or so, I'll be begging anyone and everyone to JUST OPEN ONE.

I told you it was bad.

This year will be a unique Christmas, because it's our first married holiday season. Also, our gift list has doubled, so there's that, too. =) I've started looking for possible gift ideas because I am nothing if not thorough [or maybe bored, but that's beside the point]. I have a blast shopping for the individual people in our families, but my big issue is that I really want to gift each little offshoot of our families with something small from us. We didn't have a wedding so favors/hey-it's-from-MARRIED-US! gifts never happened.

And, after all, it's CHRISTMAS.


So far, my ideas are as follows:

- Bottles of wine. [table wine, at less than 4% alcohol, 'cause we're not sops! ;)]
- Something homemade - candy? OR granola! [LOVE granola and have some cute ideas for gift packaging.]
- Artscow personalized gifts. [labor-intensive but definitely meaningful.]
- Candles. [probably personalized]
- Gifts in a jar. [Maybe cocoa?]

...And that's about it so far. I'm hoping to find something that can be personalized, inexpensive, and meaningful.

That's not too much to ask of Christmas, is it? =)
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