Changing The Conversation.

I joined the BlogHer network awhile back in an effort to stay accountable to my blog. It's much too easy to recede into my everyday life, glossing over details that make my world so imperfectly perfect.

Apparently, the BlogHer network requires consistency in a blog. Imagine that, right?

I keep an eye out for things going on around there, and I'm loving the 'Own Your Beauty' project they're presenting - especially this article, which hit home with me.

The author talks of her reliance on her husband to define her, to provide an emotional tone for the marriage, and to affirm her own self worth - and of how destructive that can be.


How many times have I wondered what D's real opinion of me is simply because he isn't communicating an overwhelming love and passionate attraction to me at that precise moment?

Yeah. I might do that.

As much as I am committed to being a strongly interwoven strand in our matrimonial three-strand-cord, I'm not defined by what my husband is or is not saying. He's human, and I'm not going to lie, that's a lot of pressure to put on one human guy.

Especially when I have a perfect Heavenly Father who calls me His own. I'm beautiful, chosen, precious, valued, and treasured - because Jesus says so.

Check out the article - and the project! =)

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