Black Friday Fever.

I knew it would happen someday. I dreaded it. I feared the day.

But I knew it was coming.

And here it is. THIS IS THE YEAR. I'm officially making plans to take part in the craziness that is Black Friday.

Cue the doom music now.

I've never, ever taken part in the melee that is a black Friday sale. For the good of all people, really, since I will CUT A HOE for taking the last Polly Pocket and ruining my Christmas list, but also, because I am NOT A FAN of waking up before the sun comes up, not even for cheap electronics.

I am also NOT A FAN of sales leaders and showing up with 237 other optimistic shoppers to find 3 flat screen tvs at the advertised price.

Yeah. It's kind of a jungle out there, y'all.

The biggest factor in my Black Friday aversion is probably that I'm so ridiculously giddy about Christmas that I'm usually in full shopping mode by October. Who needs it when you've already got everything wrapped and hand-stamped with Christmas cheer?

Black Friday is for grinchesssss. =)

But this year, I'm joining the ranks. Reluctantly. Because of our budget and general lack of trust funds and/or inheritances from recently-departed rich relatives, we're using strategic financial planning for everything Christmas related.

Right down to the last stocking stuffer, if you will.

Because I'm a planner, and also because I'm terrified of the process and of the power of my own determination [I don't want to spend Christmas in jail over a Polly Pocket] we're trying to get a jumpstart. It's a battle plan of sorts - figure out a way to use the #BlackFriday hash tag in every tweet from here until Thanksgiving in a bid for free Target monies, check out the leaked Target ads, the leaked Walmart ads, and the junk emails from Best Buy, JCPenney, and Old Navy for any potential hints at holiday goodness on the cheap.

And then we go in for the kill.

Uh, or, you know, wake up early and shop.

I'm requesting prayer and supplication starting right about NOW.

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