Soda To The People.

I recently read this article from the New York Times about NYC's mayor supporting a move to ban sales of sugary drinks to people using food stamps.

I, like most Americans not from the Big Apple, am often amused and sometimes confused by the things that happen in New York City. Like, for instance, a sudden decision by someone with check-signing power in the city's administration spending big money on street signs.

But this one? I can get behind this one. Not only in the fight against obesity, which is where the mayor intends the cuts to lead, but because the future of our greedy, entitled welfare nation terrifies me. Because there are hordes of people doing absolutely nothing and being paid by the government to do it, and there are other people who are straining with the effort of supporting their own families and the welfare populus, too. And, not the least of all these things, because I recently discovered that Sonic Drive-In accepts food stamp cards in my area.

I know, I know. I'm totally running the risk of getting CUT up in here just by saying it. It is in NO ONE'S best interest to withhold chili cheese tots from the people.

But that, my friends? That is a problem.

Call it jealousy or pettiness if you will, but when I'm living off of the dollar menu 'cause I can't afford the combo menu because of a lethal combination of low wages and high taxes, it makes me far less charitable towards our government and our welfare nation when I see homeslice to the left whipping out a Lone Star card to pay for his extra-long coney.

WITH the Sonic sized fries.

Y'all, I try HARD not to get political. I'm conservative by birth, blood, and choice, but I can get behind well thought out plans to make the world a better place. Equality, responsibility, kindness, and generosity shouldn't be synonymous with leftist politics, and I am firmly in support of those qualities in leadership.

However, I'm NOT A FAN of the state of our country.

Why are we making it easy for generations of lazy, overfed, overindulged, irresponsible citizens to stay lazy and indulgent? Why is it 'not their fault' that they can't find a job? Why is it 'our responsibility to our neighbor' to pay our own bills and our neighbor's, too?

It's not a matter of refusing to lend a hand. I absolutely believe that many people who have benefitted from the system genuinely needed and deserved the help. But someone has to draw a line and stop the madness that is our burgeoning welfare class.

The burden is far too heavy on the shoulders of the working class that pays for the system. Stipulations, work programs, reduced packages, and more responsibility to self-sustain need to be worked into our welfare programs.

And maybe, just maybe, we need to start requiring EVERYONE to work for their own sodas.

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