For half of our dating relationship, D and I remodeled a house together.

You can applaud him for measures of patience right about now, because we all know the patience, IT DIDN'T BELONG TO ME. It was an emotional time, fraught with trials [choosing paint colors and flooring options on a budget, for instance] and peril [discovering several previously-unused muscles]. Amazingly, we both enjoyed the process, although, admittedly, standing in the paint section at Orange for hours - then running over to Blue to make sure there wasn't a better shade there - wasn't D's favorite.

But he still loved me enough to marry me, bless his heart.

Plans for our future have taken interesting twists lately, and one of those twists has us living out of boxes in a borrowed bedroom, preparing to move. Again. Because we're crazy like that. And although I'm excited about our next steps, I'm a little sad for the sake of our remodeling efforts. Which is probably why I'm experiencing a completely inappropriate urge to nest.

Because decorating a space in which the only actual space is a path around the room makes total sense.


RIGHT. And since it clearly makes sense for me to have decor-related urges, I've been scouring the internets for decorating DIY blogs like the true die-hard that I am.

And since my new hobby clearly won't do me a LICK OF GOOD, as my mama used to say, I'm going to try and be all useful and share some of my favorites with you over the next few days.

Because it just MAKES GOOD SENSE.

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