Nesting Week Roundup!

Got room for more? =)

There are SO many good décor blogs on the internets that it seems unfair to leave out a few more of my favorite places to go for inspiration, so I'm rounding up the linky goodness here for you. In no order, of course.

You can thank me later.

- Emily Clark - home stylist.

- Home In The Country - homeowner and artsy blogger.

- Cultivating Home - homeowner and DIY blogger.

- One King's Lane - deeply discounted shopping for your home.

- Martha Stewart - well, obviously. The website has HEAPS of awesome projects.

- Sunset Magazine - cute entertaining/home decoration ideas.

- Sherman Williams Kitchen Style Quiz - because I love quizzes, naturally!

- Domino Magazine Files - I LOVED this magazine, and I love the flickr collection of old photos as well.

- Apartment Therapy - small space living, which is SO APPLICABLE to me it's not even funny.

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