Nesting, ROUND #4!

There is NO WAY I could talk about my décor obsession without mentioning Knockoffwood.


Ana White, domestic diva and blogger extraordinaire, has CHANGED MY LIFE. She started her blog sharing plans to build furniture similar to designs offered at Pottery Barn, West Elm, and other name-brand, crazy-expensive stores. For FREE.

For obvious reasons, her fan base quickly exploded into enormous proportions, and she singlehandedly started a movement of housewives with power tools. LOVE IT. I've been a fan from the start, so seeing the bragging boards brings joy to my little decor-starved soul.

In the great remodeling phase of early 2010 [how's that for a powerful title?] my dad and I adapted one of her designs to build an island for the kitchen we updated. He and my mom did most of the work on the island while D and I painted and scraped and tiled, and it turned out beautifully.

I'm not gonna lie, my Knockoffwood wish list is well into the double digits, and as soon as I have the room, I'm going to....

....stop before my husband sees this and bans me from all lumber stores.

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