My dad has a special little word for heartache, whining, or any other attitude dangerously bordering either of those territories. It's somewhat famous among those who know him well, too, because he doesn't hesitate to cry moania when someone's lodging a particularly heartrending plea for attention. When I was growing up, he would pull it out when I were TRULY GRIEVED at something he'd done, like, say, ask me to do the dishes when it wasn't even my turn.


My father. So linguistically creative. It totally runs in the family. ;)

Moania has totally resurfaced, though, 'cause my husband of two months is working a whole state away from me. Because of some delays in our immediate plans, we made a mutual decision to take side jobs here and there to save money and reduce debt and be all responsible and grownup about this whole married life thing.

I know. We're, like, SO MATURE.

Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to have ANY income in this crazy, economically depressed area we call home, because job hunting? It's beyond ridiculous in these parts.

I might have mentioned that a time or two around here.

But I cannot wait for the day when we have stable incomes being generated in the same place. 'Cause MY side job and HIS side job are 9 hours apart. Not only because I miss having a warm hubby to put my freezing feet on in the middle of the night or a hero to ice my bad knee when I get home from work, but because being apart for the majority of the week is turning me into Mrs. Moania, and that, my friends, is NOT A PRETTY PERSON.

I honestly didn't know it felt like this after marriage. We're used to being apart for long stints  thanks to my travel with the marketing and media job throughout most of our relationship, but now that we're married? It's a totally different thing. It's CRUCIAL.

Granted, our conversation is sweeter, our thoughts toward each other more consistently kind ['cause who wants to argue when he's actually getting cell phone reception and I can almost understand what he's saying over the background noise?] and we're generally savoring every sliver of time we have together these days, but I'm not gonna lie, I feel like the old adage is true.

Absence makes the heart grow moania.

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