Holy Fritos!

There's nothing like trying to sneak a salty snack in the middle of the night without D noticing, especially when that snack happens to be Sun Chips. The only way to keep that stinkin' bag from giving me away is an arm twisting, anatomically improbable sort of position, and it is NOT PRETTY, folks.

Let's just say much hilarity ensues.

But there's much rejoicing in the land, because frankly, they're my favorite [word to your mother, french onion sun chips]. And it was getting old, the crinkling. And now Frito Lay is scrapping the impossibly, ridiculously loud bags due to customer complaints. They announced recently that so many people had written, emailed, called, texted, telegrammed, smoke signalled, and possibly transferred through mind powers their disgust at the crinkly, raspy bags they decided to give us, that they've given up and are bringing back the old bags.

To be fair, the nerve-grating bags were completely recycleable. And that's a wonderful step for our earth. But I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that it would be preferrable to separate my trash, save a few extra cans, or possibly brush my teeth with a brillo pad if it means I can sneak my chips in peace from a partially recycleable bag.

After all, I don't want my husband to think that Sun Chips have made me CRAZY.

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