Ho, Ho, *Choke*!

So apparently I've been shopping all the wrong ways for Christmas gifts.

I wasn't aware that there was a problem with my methods, because I happen to consider myself pretty much a shopping NINJA - after all, I've had LOTS of time to perfect my art.

But I seem to have missed the guide for gifting the person who has EVERYTHING. You know. The Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog. I mean, to be fair, it's only been around since 1925, so it's easy to have missed.

But now I have the opportunity to order a custom glass art installation for my loved ones' pool at a tidy little sum of something like $950,000. Or maybe a vintage Leica M9 Neiman Marcus edition camera for about $12,000.

Clearly, I have a lot of work to do before Christmas, 'cause in this family's economy, we'll be lucky to afford glass shards and disposable cameras. ;)

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