Fashion Friday..

...The one where she tries to squeeze the last bit of life out of summer's wardrobe. =)

I'm kind of a fan of the maxidress, in the way that penguins are a fan of ice slides and cats are a fan of catnip.

Come to think of it, I'm probably more like a maxidress fanatic.

They're technically for spring/summer but since I'm not feeling inclined to give them up until I need thermal insulation to withstand the cold, I pulled one out to wear today. 'Cause I'm gansta like that. =)

Ombre maxidress - Old Navy [Spring 2010] $29.99
Cropped denim jacket - American Eagle [Clearance!] $19.99
Gold gladiator sandals - Marshall's, $14.99
Olive tote - Marshall's, $49.99
Bamboo and gold bangles - JCPenney, $8.99
Bamboo and gold earrings - Hippie shop, $3.99
Owl necklace - Forever21, $5.99

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