Fashion Friday.

Even though I am SO VERY VERY THRILLED at the drop in temperatures we're experiencing thanks to the onset of autumn, I'm finding ways to wear my summer clothes a little longer, because 80 degrees doesn't quite get us into sweater territory, if you know what I mean. ;)

This is my nod to a trendy outfit, and it totally happened by accident, because I actually owned a shapeless 80s style blazer that I didn't know what to do with when the boyfriend blazer trend became popular.

Who'd have thought, right?

I bought my floral dress from Old Navy's spring collection even though it wasn't really my style - don't ask me why it caught my eye, because I'm nothing if not confident about my personal tastes - meaning I am NOT SHY about refusing to consider something different. And grandma's couch floral is definitely different. But somehow I ended up buying the dress.

I'm not gonna lie, I loved this outfit so much that I wore it even though I only had errands at the mall to take care of. Gotta love being all dressed up with no place to go!

Boyfriend blazer - Honestly cannot remember when I bought this, but I do know it was part of a suit. I have owned approximately 6,000 of those in my lifetime, so I can be SURE of that. ;)
Floral dress - Mine is from Old Navy, $29.99.
Turquoise belt - Resale shop, $2.
Red bag - JCPenney, $18.99,
Black mock booties - Ross', $19.99.
Purple flower ring - Kohl's, $14.99
Silver spike earrings - Rue21, $2.99
Silver chain necklace - Kohl's, $9.99

Happy Friday!

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