There's something I feel like the world should know.

Whoever created Redbox is an EVIL GENIUS.

I mean, it HAS to be a conspiracy, right? Why else would those shiny red boxes of doom tempt us into a false sense of security by giving a purported 24 hours of movie-watching bliss for just $1 - and then snap us back into reality by charging another dollar the very minute the clock strikes 9:01 PM?


Or, for that matter, why does Redbox always offer the RANDOMEST, most unheard-of movies that we watch simply because IT'S ONLY A DOLLAR, JUST HURRY UP AND CHOOSE SOMETHING.


I'd file a formal complaint, but I'm too busy watching The Night The Moon Looked A Little Like Cheese. I've forgotten to bring it to work with me for the last three days, so I've now paid $4 to rent an unheard-of flick I'm already regretting.

My name is Rache, and REDBOX GOT ME.

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