This Piggy Went To The Butcher's Block.

I'm sad to report that I have become a victim of a great travesty against all womenkind. The kind of travesty that only time will heal.

My right big toenail met an overzealous pedicurist. Thanks to him [I know, awkward that I have a 'him' pedicurist, right? My husband is the only man who has the right to know how often - or not - I shave my legs, I'm just sayin'.] I now have a sideways crack/split in the middle of my piggy and I'm terrified I'm going to hit something or snag something and cause myself some serious agony.

Is there a statute of limitations for pursuing my legal rights in regards to this? I feel like with Beautiful Nail as my go-to mani/pedi dive, I'm probably forfeiting my rights to any guarantees of quality, you know?

It's a good thing fall, aka boot season, is [almost] here, that's all I know. =)

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