That's What She Said.

It's a big, sensitive, emotionally charged deal.

You know it can't be good already, right?

I'm talking about the recent story about Ines Sainz, a female sports reporter, being catcalled and belittled in the Jets' locker room after a game. When the story came out, Ms. Sainz was victimized and lauded for her bravery. Even though she has publicly said that she hold no grudges against the parties involved [which is, you know, mighty BIG of her] and has subsequently crafted quite an image for herself as a benevolent soul, the debaters came out the woodwork on this one, for real, yo.

Y'all, I don't set out to be political. The Lord knows that I have enough to talk about just living my own crazy life. But the good Lord also distributed common sense to some of us [why yes, I DO like to think I'm one of that 'us' category] and according to common sense, this situation is OUT OF HAND.

And because, when things are OUT OF HAND, I like to organize things list-style, here are my thoughts on this situation.

1. It is never, EVER okay to disrespect a lady. It means that you lack good character. A man should know to treat women like he'd want his own mother, sister, or daughter to be treated - with integrity and respect.

It's called MORALITY, dearies, and it would be so nice of you to use some.

2. It is likely that you will not be treated as a lady if you choose to portray yourself as something else. That is to say, if you insist on booty-tootin' in a testosterone-charged atmosphere and then also acting offended at the fact that you were 'disrespected', YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE, MA'AM.

3. It is perfectly reasonable to be expected to conform to a dress code. Ms. Sainz was working at the event in question. [Although some wonder why she should be in the men's locker room to do her job, 'cause NO, honey, just NO] But The above photo is of her on the job - more photos of her work attire are here.

I, for one, have never worked in an environment where a dress code was not enforced, aside from my own home, and if we're being honest, I'm kind of into matching pajamas, so that TOTALLY COUNTS. I mean, if you're a nurse, you wear scrubs. If you work at an Italian restaurant, you're probably going to wear black slacks and a white shirt. Maybe even a tie.

I'm just sayin'.

So why is it such a hardship for Ms. Sainz to wear professional attire? Is it really so much to ask the self-proclaimed 'hottest sports reporter in Mexico' that she cover her lady parts a little better for the workplace? No one's asking the girl to wear an NFL burka, but she really can't seem to resist the urge to shimmy around the ballpark in sky-high heels and revealing clothes, and there's an awful lot of happy medium between those two. I'm not gonna lie, it makes me a little less comfortable with my hubs being a sports fan if I have to worry about what he's going to see when the games are being covered by an attention seeker like this.

This is my point.

If, in the opinion of Ms. Sainz and all of the forward thinking, broad minded people who support her, she was disrespected, I say that she herself was disrespectful to the sport, to the players, and to the viewers. And she victimized them by purposefully causing a tidal wave and then blaming the tidal wave for all of the trouble it caused.

Don't tell me she didn't know that her revealing attire wouldn't be noticed by all of the males in the vicinity. It burns me that this woman is getting exactly what she so clearly craves - attention. And also a positive portrayal in the media due to her noble forgiveness of the men involved.

Way to turn it into a gold mine, darlin'.

But I can agree that it's an important issue, particularly because women who tend to inject themselves into the sports world for the purpose of personal gain are as common as mosquitoes.

And I live in Texas, which qualifies me to say this with confidence: there are a LOT OF SKEETERS, folks.

I say that you can't have it both ways - purposefully dressing in a way to attract attention and then complaining about the attention you receive is silly, and it takes a person NOWHERE. No, really, NOWHERE. In terms of inane circular actions, Ms. Sainz should know that she is doing some serious doughnuts.

And we all know what those suckers do to the hips. ;)

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