Smooth Criminal.

I just broke the law and risked being fined and held in contempt of court.

How, you ask?

Well. Since you asked.

I got a summons from the courts, requesting my presence for jury duty. And I promptly forgot to add the date to my calendar [which, by way of the annoying but SO handy alarm, keeps me in check] because D and I had a getaway trip planned, and really, when you're going on an almost-free mini-vacation with your husband you probably aren't going to be thinking of jury duty while you're packing your sarong and sunscreen.

I'm just sayin'.

So when I returned home to the letter on my desk at approximately 4:55 the day of my court-determined jury duty appointment, I might have suffered from a minor heart attack. The letter states that one can be fined, serve hard time in the brig, or be required to perform jury duties at the request of the court. Plus the whole contempt-of-court thing.

It's serious business, this citizenship thing.

So, in a haze of cold sweats and self-recrimination, I dialed the county clerk's office and discovered that the jury had been dismissed that morning. Meaning that I escaped jury duty [for the second time in my life] and therefore am not only free from penalties associated with MISSING A COURT DATE, I got off scot free.

I'm such a deviant.

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