Reverend Pandora

...Just preached a sermon to me.

Anyone who keeps up with me [it's fine if you don't, I won't be too offended. ;)] knows I have a deep and abiding love for the music of one Smokie Norful, but I'm pretty sure I've never told Pandora that. Technology. It's scary sometimes.

So how did it happen that on a day when I'm admittedly feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed by some big, tall problems my honey and I are facing together, I hear this song?

Go ahead. I'll wait.

[Please accept my apologies that Mr. Norful cannot be found singing his song live on ANY OF THE YOUTUBES.]

See, I'm not really comfortable talking about the rough times. Most people haven't heard our story and felt our specific need. It's deeply personal and profoundly important to both of us. And it's really easy in the day-to-day - and the blogging world, too - to gloss over the things that are weighing heavily on a pair of aching, worried souls like us.

But it's there. And in the day-to-day, it's a lot harder to 'take a break' like when it gets too hard to reconcile the burdens with a blog.

Hypothetically speaking, of course. ;)

But nothing is hidden from Him. He knows what is staring D and I in the face and chest, respectively. [Trust me, anything level with my face couldn't be anywhere near my husband's face at the same time. We have, oh, let's just say vertical alignment issues.]

And when I'm questioning His purpose in holding us back from the things we've been working SO HARD for, it's really easy to get a little impatient. Maybe not for my calm, rational hubby, but for me? Have mercy. Pauses are NOT MY FRIENDS.

I'm not lacking for company, though - a certain group of people we'll just call 'the children of Israel' have a whole history of impatience detailed in the Bible. You know the ones. In 1 Samuel 12, they were impatient enough to decide that it was high time that they stopped asking God for directions and appointed a regular king like the children of Ammon had in THEIR city. A figurehead, a dignitary, a fearless leader. It seemed like the fashionable thing to do.

Impatient, stubborn, and bound and determined to follow their own plans, too.

Not that this sounds familiar in any way, you understand.

In 1 Samuel 12, God gives His blessing to the throne of Israel. Yep, the very people who decided it wasn't enough to listen to Him alone anymore.

I'm no expert, but that sounds a lot like compassion, tenderness, and mercy. So does this;

"Now therefore stand and see this great thing, which the LORD will do before your eyes."
1 Samuel 12:16

Not only did He give them what they'd asked for, a bonafide, crown-and-scepter king, He provided rain for the harvests, an extra blessing that His pouty chilluns definitely didn't deserve.

"For the LORD will not forsake His people for His Name's sake, because it has pleased the LORD to make you His people."
1 Samuel 12:22

Even though I know that this problem is big, I have to believe that He will do a great thing, right before our eyes. We're His. It's His pleasure to call us His own.

And that's enough to convince me that He does truly understand.

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