Oh, Shoe!

I talk about shoes a whole lot.

Ode to a flip flop? Yeah. That might have happened. And I am a big enough person to admit that.

But aside from my bigness [side eyes at my homie Slimfast] I happen to suffer from a shoe addiction. But I'm ok with that - it means I'm usually never far from a beautiful pair of shoes. I can't seem to help myself. The colors, the lines, the straps, the doodads, the pointed, the rounded, the stacked, stiletto, and boot..

What can I say?

It's just who I am.

As many pairs as I have purchased in my lifetime [please don't ask, I'm embarrassed at the sheer volume of shoe intake I may have reached at some points] I have a few staples in my closet that just seem to work with EVERYTHING, like my 'cognac' [as in color, not beverage] heels. They're the most perfect shoe a girl could ask for - comfortable but attractive, chic and expensive-looking [which is much better than actually expensive] and the darlings have held up remarkably well, considering that I wear them ALL THE TIME because I am so classy [or unimaginative] like that.

Every girl has that pair of shoes, right? It's not just me? I mean, these babies get the worst of it. I wear them with all black, because I'm so New York like that. And with black and grey. Or just grey. Or earth tones. Or denim. See where this is going? So when definite signs of aging started to appear, I started my grieving process and began searching high and low for a similar pair.

You can imagine how excited I was when I found a 'cognac pump' by BCBG at the Marshall's. My heart went pitter patter and there may have been orchestra music swelling in the background. And now you can imagine how unexcited I was when I found out that every single pair at the Marshall's had holes punched into the leather by careless installers of anti-theft devices.

Bless their [grrrrr] hearts.

Granted, BCBG was a step up from my little shoes - their ancestry runs along the lines of Target, and that's just fine with me. But I'm pleased to say I've found a similar shoe that I believe might be delivered intact. And on clearance, too!

Steve Madden, let's be friends.

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