Jibri Jabber.

Y'all know how much I love fashion, right?

I mean, not that I've mentioned it a time or ten too many, but I have deep love for all things sartorial. And, as a yo-yo dieter since the days of my teens where eating everything I wanted and also losing weight was actually a THING I DID, I have a staunch appreciation for beautiful clothes designed for plus size women. I'm not quite there at the moment, but for these clothes, it's a thought. ;)

It's things like this:

and this:

and this:

that make me feel faint with excitement. Oh, yeah. It's like an overload of awesome.

Jibri's etsy shop is full of gorgeous clothes for the big-boned/statuesque ladies. Most of them are great classic pieces and they're flattering and modest.

Plus, they're pretty to look at, so there's that. I'm not being paid by Jibri and I don't know the designers from Adam.. Or Eve. But it's worth a look just for the fun of it. Right? ;)

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