I've Got Flair.

I was 14 when I designed my first webpage.

By 'designed', I totally mean a combination of Geocities' drag-and-drop feature and painstakingly copied HTML coding provided by my computer savvy buddies, because I may be clever, but I am NOT a pro.

Aside from the usual 'A/S/L' personal page and a random assortment of additional pages I apparently felt that a 14-year-old should have [excepting for my future children, who will NEVER MEET THE INTERNETS due to the untold danger], I had a page called 'Flair' - my own internet fashion magazine for modest fashionistas. I had sections for hair-to's [with step by step pictures of my oh-so-patient sister's head in various states of 'do, no less], outfit suggestions, color wheels for finding one's 'season', and wardrobe staples.

I'm not gonna lie, I had a lot of time on my hands right about then.

I got nostalgic the other day and hunted down endless folders of my old files, bits and pieces of the past that made me laugh and shake my head. Then I saw some photo folders and might have cried a few tears in my heart when I saw this skinny chicken-head gal I used to be:

I know. It's totally WHO ATE THE SKINNY CHICK?!?

[And now, you're gonna look up your old photos too, aren't you? =)]

Happy Monday!
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