Is This YOU?!

Do you KNOW who I am? Why, just ask googles about me, darling.

No, I'm just kidding. You don't have to do that. Really. You do NOT want to see those pictures from 1994.

I did it, though, because 1) I am highly suggestible and some of my facebook friends were doing it and 2) that was really the only reason.


It's not all in vain, though. I mean, I just got this new last name so there's not much in the way of photo evidence lurking around the internets... Yet. But also, because I found this cool site, is this you?, and discovered things about myself that BLEW MY MIND.

Like the fact that my personal animal power is a spotted skunk. I. Had. No. IDEA! Think of the things I can do with my life now that I know this about myself! Also I am of average envowelment, which is a slight disappointment. I also learned how to spell my name in ASCII, which is handy, if, you know, I ever need to spell my name in a conversation with a computer.

Also, since people with my first name are possibly female, according to the site, I am likely to spend too much on beauty products.

It's downright SCARY how much the internets know these days.

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