I'm Getting A Fake ID.

Apparently, when you marry someone, there's a little bit of paperwork involved. I don't know, something about taxes and citizenship and legality and everything.

That's not the tragedy, though.

My new driver's license photo? IT IS A TRAGEDY, folks. I was one of the rare people in the world to have a decent photo. My last one was 20 pounds ago, every hair in place, tan on point, and wearing my favorite purple shirt. And I wasn't the least bit concerned about whipping it out for anyone that questioned my identity. I mean, this may sound conceited, but I assure you, it is not. It's the exception to see me with everything on point and in place, as it were, so my pride was inclined toward the fact that I had proof that I am not always lookin' a hot mess less-than-perfect.

That's why I was even cool with writing 'SEE ID' on the back of my debit cards. Yes, cards plural. It's a complicated thing, Dave Ramsey, please don't judge me by the plastic in my purse.


Now that I've got a new driver's license photo, complete with chipmunk cheeks and helmet hair, I have one burning question in my mind.

How can I write over that Sharpied 'SEE ID' on my cards to make it look like my signature?


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