Getting Fit, Attempt #2,357

I'm trying to stay positive.

After all, I can't be the only gal on the planet who can gain weight by looking at, smelling, or thinking about food, right? Not that my days are filled with fantasies about food, mind you, but I can't even ENJOY that piece of cake before it's jumping onto my hips and refusing to budge.

I have a whole nation of calories employing their squatters' rights on my hips, and don't get me started on any other areas hosting excess baggage.

After a year-long absence from tennis, during which I spent far too much time with a boyfriend/future hubby who may be struggling in his walk with a minor obsession centered on the McDouble, it's proving really hard to get back into the swing of things. [Oh, so punny, I know.]

I bought new shoes for the occasion, which probably comes as no big shock [but in my defense, was absolutely necessary since my old running shoes were falling apart] and they're Nike+, which means that if I want to look very dedicated [in addition to my new workout gear which promises to 'wick away sweat', a promise that works much better in theory] I can put my iPhone in a special armband, crank up the app, and track my progress via my gadget-y shoes.

Although I'm very concerned with looking like I am dedicated to my fitness goals, I'm not sure if I'm more concerned with keeping UP with technology or AWAY from it at this point, because the last thing I need is proof that I don't keep it movin' nearly as long as I should before break time.

Don't judge me.

I'm going to have to think of something to keep me motivated, though - my dear husband, the very same husband that LEARNED TENNIS FROM ME, now kicks my butt around the court EVERY TIME. And I say that with [almost] no bitterness in my heart.

I'd rather be thinking of chocolate.

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