Get 'Em While They're Cold!

[Image from love Maegan]

I recently found a little [figuratively speaking] fashion blog called love Maegan. Not only is Maegan absolutely gorgeous, she has amazing style and heaps of step-by-step instructions for DIY accessories, which makes for a pretty much perfect blog to add to my current reads.

I found this recipe on her blog today that I can't wait to try. In my current state of summer exhaustion, I'd rather be digging for pumpkin recipes and pretending fall really IS here to stay, but since it's still over 90 degrees here and frankly, low calorie + delicious is ALWAYS in season, I'm SO doing this now.

You'll need:
Yogurt (your favorite flavor)
Grape Nuts


Empty yogurt into a shallow bowl. Fill a separate bowl with Grape Nuts. Slice bananas into rounds. Dip each banana slice into yogurt and then into Grape Nuts. Lay flat on a cookie sheet and place in the freezer for one hour.

Wait 1-2 minutes to serve [or else the Grape Nuts will poke you in the cheek - ouch!] but keep in mind that these treats don't stay frozen long, so they should be enjoyed close to home/freezer.

Enjoy! =)

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