Fashion Friday.


[I do love a dramatic entrance.]

My interview outfit. Except for that I'm terrible at taking actual pictures. Mostly because the thought of being in front of a camera makes me cringe, but also because the days that really WORK for me, fashion-wise, never happen when I'm prepared. Heaven knows why I can't reasonably expect to find batteries, USB cord, and/or memory cards in the SAME PLACE AS THE CAMERA, but it's true.

So this, my friends, is a polyvore rendition of the interview outfit I wore the other day. I can't BEGIN to afford these actual items, but they're the best representation of the knockoffs I have in my closet.

Because I'm smooth like that.

- Black denim pencil skirt [mine is from Marshall's, $16.99]
- Camel cropped jacket [mine is from Maurice's, $39.99]
- Grey striped tank [mine is from JCPenney, $3.77 on clearance]
- Booties [mine are from Ross', $19.99]
- Gold hobo [mine is from Steinmart YEARS ago, and I think it was about $30]
- Gold hoops and bangles [mine are from a little hippie shop in town - total cost $7]
- Wedding set [mine is from Gordon's and not yet paid off. ;)]

Happy friday, y'all! =)

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