Coupled Up.

There's something you should know about my husband and I.

We STINK at morning devotions. I mean, keeping up with it is WAY harder than I was prepared for. When D and I made the decision to encourage each other in our walks with God and be committed to diving into the Word together, we clearly didn't think our plan through.

See, I'm not a morning type of person, myself. My mornings begin like this: me, in our bed, groggy and probably sporting bedhead only slightly less shocking than the lead singer of an 80s hair band, feebly shoving D's shoulder to alert him to the fact that my alarm is going off - on an odd number [like 8:27, for instance] because it makes me feel like I've gotten the UTMOST SLEEP POSSIBLE.

It MUST be an odd number because that's how I know I'm cheating Time itself.

Not that I'm OCD or anything, you understand.

As you may have gathered, we are NOT GOOD at doing mornings, people. This fact makes it all the more puzzling that we decided to have morning devotions together, but we did, and we're struggling, I'm not gonna lie. Not only with keeping our eyes open, but with keeping dialogue going, and even worse, with which portions of the Bible to study every day.

I'm ashamed to admit that, but it's true. Inspiration is pretty hard to scare up every morning. We love Jesus, we are absolutely committed to seeking Him, and we most certainly want Him to be the heavenly third cord that binds our marriage together for all eternity. But we're pretty quick to move on to prayer time because talking to Jesus is a lot easier than organized, communal reading.

So, aside from the obvious solution, which would be to have nightly devotions [we're still trying to get our timing together for that] and preparing something during the day [which is easier said than done around these parts] I'm looking for answers, yo. Or suggestions. Whichever.

What studies and/or devotions work for you?

I'd love to find something relationship-building, 'cause we're newlyweds and that's where we live, but D and I come from different spiritual backgrounds so practical life application materials have value for us, too.

AND I would adore an iPhone app for keeping track of our Bible reading, maybe even with notes on our thoughts and a graph to show how far along we are... All for a winning bid of $0.

Not that I'm overreaching in my holy aspirations or anything. We're on a MISSION.

Ok, talk to me, peeps! =)

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