Counting Blessings.

A quick preface to this story - it's going to sound strange to some of you, but I hope that you can understand my line of thinking enough to hang on 'til the end of the ride. I want to be SO careful when I count my blessings publicly, because too often, people forget where the blessings came from and begin to take ownership of their achievements. I don't want to be like that. I don't count my blessings to brag about things I have. I count my blessings to give honor to the Source and Finish of all my needs.

I recently re-tagged and organized all of my posts [a labor of love, I assure you] and in the process, found this post from 2008 where I randomly listed some of the things I wanted at the time.

Nothing too big or anything - I was very reasonable with my wishful thinking. I only went for things under $30,000, because apparently I was determined to stick with a [completely imaginary] budget.

Always the thrifty one.

I read this particular post with tears of gratitude welling up in my eyes. I saw things I'd put into the list that had absolutely nothing to do with necessity. I didn't actually need a single item in that post [hence the 'wishing' part of the title] and two years later, I'd forgotten that I even blogged it. But Someone was paying attention to my fancies. Since that list, God's been sneaking blessings into my life, big and small.

The beautiful, dream-worthy 17"MacBook Pro? Have it. With optional upgrades that I didn't even THINK to ask for.

The Nike+ series running shoes? Got 'em. And I don't even need an iPod, since they work just fine with my new iPhone.

The rugged SUV, perfect for surfboards and beaches? Drive it.

Even as I type this, I am humbled by a God who blesses me far more than I deserve. I have never lacked for the things I need. That list was a little [or maybe a lot, but who measures at a time like this?] bit of selfish window shopping, full of things not even remotely essential to my survival [although that's a tough call, because you never know how handy a pair of bionic shoes can be, I'm just sayin'.] But my Father, in His great love, went beyond my needs.

He did one better for me when I wasn't looking.

My wish list looks a lot different now. I'm holding on to prayers for things less tangible and much farther-reaching. I'm believing for things not only for myself, but for my husband and our families and our own future family. I'm giving thanks for the works He has done and will do.

I'm confident that He will answer. I have proof that He notices, even when I don't think He's paying attention. My answers probably won't come when I'm looking for them with bated breath and worried heart, but I promise you - they will come.

And I'm definitely going to notice.


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