Confessions Are Good For The Soul.

Is anyone else a die-hard fan of The Office? Or is that just us? I mean, the first five seasons? D and I can practically quote them from memory. I kid thee not. We can do hours of 'remember the one where...?!' without a break. And I mention the first five seasons specifically because we have to wait to watch them until they're 1) out on DVD and some loving [and slightly amused] family member finds the sets on sale for us or 2) available on Netflix On Demand, which is updated only slightly more often than my Grandma's collection of choo-choo train movies from 1985.

Not that we're CONCERNED or anything, you understand. Just mildly anxious to see what happens next, that's all. I mean, our social lives couldn't be pathetic enough to be filled with back-to-back quotes from a sitcom, right?

That would be just silly.

But my parents have yet to understand the brilliance of the dialogue and character interaction, so the other night, D and I were evangelizing. In the middle of a hilarious re-telling of Andy Bernard's infamous self-recorded ringtone, my mom suddenly burst into laughter. Leaning over and whispering oh-so-quietly in my ear, she asked "who does THAT sound like?"


I suddenly remembered that my dear mother has unlimited access to all of my old computer files, stored away on my dad's giganta-milli-tronic storage drive gadget thing [officially named, naturally]. And among those files are audio clips of harmony practice sessions. And among those are clips of full-on harmony arrangements compiled and performed in their entirety by yours truly.

Am I really on the level of nerdiness heretofore reserved for the likes of Andy Bernard? Four-part harmony with myself? I think so, folks, I think so.

But in my defense, my mother, always the champion of music and practice and piano scales during my childhood, thought it would be a GREAT idea to record ourselves singing when we couldn't practice together, therefore strengthening our voices and correcting any slight pitch issues.

It was TOTALLY HER IDEA. Or at least, started out as her idea. At any rate, my loving family now has multiple copies of those files saved in special hidden places to be pulled out and replayed at will. And it is oh-so-HILARIOUS to them that they've found something in common with a character on The Office.


Uh, thanks for the mention, y'all. I'm SO GLAD YOU'RE AMUSED.

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