And So We Differ.

I feel like I could be a men's clothing expert.

Granted, my brave assumption is based entirely on my opinion that I have great taste in fashion, which is CLEARLY just an opinion, because when have I ever had to wear a fashionable men's outfit?

That would be NEVER.

In all honesty, I don't have that much experience in it. But I have the gift. I know what looks good. And it's usually directly opposite of what my husband wants, which is the point in our shopping trips where the CALM and RATIONAL bargaining comes in.

Because I am nothing if not resourceful.

I guess I can understand my husband's reluctance to let me pick out clothes for him. After all, I've never been six and a half feet tall, so I'm used to living in a bubble where everything coordinates and also FITS. 

But this one sartorial discussion gets us every time.


In particular, trilby hats. My husband can rock a trilby, and don't believe anything otherwise that he may tell you. And it's so musician-y and arts-y and dashing and unique, right? I mean, only several million other guys are doing it, so it's bound to stand out.

I'm on a personal mission, folks. Project trilby, if you will. I'm deeply invested in this [which is far more than I should be invested in an attempt to make my husband accessorize, I realize] and I WILL SEE IT THROUGH.

And then I'll take pictures, because miracles don't often strike in the same place twice.

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