A Year And A Mohawk. Also, Cliff's Notes.

So what had happened was... I took this break from blogging. You may be able to tell from the time lapse between my last post and now. Yeeeeah. See that? That right there is a year full of living to the fullest. It's about time I settled down and started sharing again. :) Or so I've been told.

HowEVER. That's a whole lot of living, fully or otherwise.

So, in honor of the fact that I STILL HAVE NOT GRADUATED [and there is NO angst in my soul about this, no, NOT ONE BIT] and remain a [somewhat] devoted student, I'm going to give you the Cliff's Notes version of my year. Just the highlights, yes?

As an aside [a footnote for your Cliff's Notes, if you will] I do want to pop up around here more often. And I come in peace, WITH photos. :)

But for now, we're jumping off from 6/2009. Ready?

Here goes.

June 2009.
My youngest nephew's first birthday. He's adorable. What can I say? Chubby preciousness. I'm helpless to resist the cuteness. I might overspend on these children, I'm just sayin'.
July 2009.
Met this group of kids, new in town. Found out these kids comprise a whole team of college athletes that I will later come to cheer on like a rabid sports fan big sister. Met this guy with a mohawk, too. He wants me to be his girl. I told him I'm just not feeling ready for all those steps at once. I'm waiting on a neon sign from Heaven.
August 2009.
I maybe just agreed to be mohawk guy's girl. He's so cute and interesting and fun to be around. And we actually have a lot in common. Plus, I'm pretty sure I heard an angel choir singing in a blessed holy triad of heavenly harmony when he kissed me.
September 2009.
I'm getting pretty bummed about the lack of employment opportunities available to a perpetual student almost-degreed person in this area. I'm keeping very busy with important things like painting my nails and creating unneeded, unsought graphics. Also considering a move.
October 2009.
Mohawk guy no longer has a mohawk. It's not very professional, he says. After all, he needs to maintain his image as a real live adult. I miss it because it was unique and I've kind of grown fond of his head looking like that.
November 2009.
Thanksgiving! We have an amazing family feast and then head to a movie with nephews in tow. Car accident on the way home puts little sis and I in the hospital for awhile and my car out of comission forever. Daphne, y'all. I have to believe she was saved when she passed. Thankfully, baby nephew was protected by God's grace and is pulled from the crushed car without a scratch.
December 2009.
I am in love with the Christmas season. Also, ouch. Damage to my ribcage from the accident makes it hard to do pretty much everything. Little sis is over the moon about a certain college basketball player boyfriend, too. This makes our cheering that much more forceful meaningful.
January 2010.
Beginning of an amazing show of God's grace. Vehicular deficit is repaired with the purchase of Leonardo. Also, a real, live J-O-B! Hired as a consultant for an out of state company. Commence 7.5-hour commute. Oh, and a little major remodeling on the weekends, just for kicks.
February 2010.
Valentine's day with no-longer-mohawked guy is pretty amazing. The Lord guided him into truth and favor and he purchased a handbag with the esteemed double-C logo. Which I dearly love. Cue swelling orchestra music and soft-focus lens.
March 2010.
I'm wracking up the miles, but poor Leonardo is valiant and brave. Also, I have learned how to reason with my bladder for the duration of the trip and have the commute down to a fine art. Possibly because the thought of losing even 20 minutes on the road [or my front door on I-10] makes me a little crazy.
April 2010.
Empty remodeled house needs furniture. Trip to Florida with no-longer-mohawked guy, little sis, and little sis' boyfriend to rescue my belongings from storage. Very emotional moments happen. My heart loves this place SO MUCH. I have so many memories and emotions here that I am a basket case. But only sometimes, because I assure you, I was quite calm when flipped off of a jet-ski and when parasailing at 1200 feet in the air.
May 2010.
I am 24 and feeling OLD. Plus tired, because of the 7.5-hour drive every Sunday and Friday and the major remodeling/decorating on weekends. I'm discovering that my year of occasional work and very, VERY frequent [and continuous] days off did not, in any way, prepare me for this non-stop action. Also, Louisiana makes me fat. I blame the fried everything for my rapid 20-lb. gain.
June 2010.
Baby nephew is 2! Still chubby and precious and now non-stop and precocious, too. No-longer-mohawked guy is 25 and is in denial thinks we're not so old, after all. Old enough to think about our future, but only just think. I want a nap.
July 2010.
Company! Dearly beloved friends come to visit. No-longer-mohawked guy finalizes his decision to enlist in the military while they're here. I am scared and also excited. This means our whole lives are about to change.
August 2010.
OH MY STARS we did it, we really did. :) We got married! And he got a mohawk again. ;)

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