This Is It.

It took just one kiss to win me over. :) [I know, sucker, right?]

Darryl and I (8.4.10)

And we're lovin' the married life.

Um.. Our feet. [8.4.10]

Don't get me wrong, living full time with a boy has taken some getting used to. We're talking cover-hogging, toothpaste in the sink, DON'T MOVE MY STUFF I PUT IT THERE ON PURPOSE kind of issues, and that's just ME!

I kid, in a too-close-to-home kind of way. ;)

The point is that the fine art of compromise is a daily thing. But the trade-offs are pretty great, I'm not gonna lie. I can honestly say that this man does his best to be a great husband. He does all those little things that make me feel cherished, like buttering my bread at the restaurant, cooking me breakfast for supper, rubbing my feet, and generally spoiling me silly. In no particular order. [See, babe? I totally noticed!] If this is the honeymoon phase, the Joneses will be fighting tooth and nail to stretch it out over the next 75 years or so.

And if there's anything we know how to do well, it's stretching things. You should see how good we are with a dollar and eight cents at McDonald's. ;)

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