I believe that fall is the best time of year.

Bold of me, yes?

I mean, I'm pretty thrilled about being alive for ANY part of the year, but my love for autumn is fueled by the heap of holidays piled into the season, plus the relief from summer's heat [which I feel strongly in my heart is proof of God's love for me] and the excitement of new friendships made in countless classrooms and celebrations of thankfulness and home...

Oh, and the pumpkin.

I'm not gonna lie, my deep and abiding love for the big orange gourd knows no limits. I've never met a pumpkin dish I didn't want to try. Soup, pie, cake, crisp, butter, tart, cheesecake, drink, roasted seeds..

Yeah. I might be a fan.

That's why our first cold snap [and by cold snap, I mean that it rained and the temperature is below 90 degrees] has inspired me to bring out the prized pumpkin recipes. You know those ones, right? The ones that you aren't willing to make in summertime because the kitchen gets too hot when you use the oven, and it's too hot outside to ingest hot foods, and aren't we trying to lose weight anyway?

Oh, wait, was that just me?

Prizewinning little Holly Homemaker I am.

[Y'all can wing prayers heavenward on behalf of my deprived husband now.]

I'm trying to exercise some restraint. I really am. It's only August. There's plenty of time. It's still 90 degrees. There are practical, patient people in my family who can wait inordinate amounts of time for things like opening presents and decorating for holidays and pumpkin pie.

I say that with only a tiny bit of bitterness in my heart. I was not blessed with such personal strength and therefore cannot resist holiday spirit.

But I feel vindicated, because St. Arbucks has seen fit to release their pumpkin spice latte mix again.

Oh, yeah. I'm SO busting out the pumpkin pie and Mexican hot cocoa, 'cause Autumn is HERE. =)

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