I Am The Queen Of Underestimation.

When I posted [precisely two months ago, which is completely incidental] that my life was a little busy, I didn't think that the next two months would turn into a dazzling panoply of utter randomness.

Who wasn't prepared for all that?

[raising hand]

Um, me.

Keeping up with every day is a full-time job, apparently. I'm even having trouble staying on top of twitter, which, at 140 characters a pop, speaks volumes about my communication situation. But hey, those scads of emails to return and projects to finish, though? I'm all over that.


I have survived another semester of school, remedied the Hair Disaster Of 2008, gained 10 pounds, decided that a great dane puppy is definitely in my future, started dieting, requested prayer for my sister during her ordeal with an aggravated injury, driven the two-hour drive from Houston to my parents' house roughly 7 thousand times, lost my great tan from 2006, given away almost my entire wardrobe, gotten indignant at the Lakers for winning the championship, been humbled and awed at God's mercy, requested prayer for my ailing car [her name is Daphne, and I am winning her to the Lord for the sake of her heart, soul, and engine knock that threatens to leave me in a serious jam], learned to cheat at straightening my hair [it's all in the strategic planning of the sections, y'all!] and memorized the dollar menu of virtually every fast food joint on Highway 59.

You might say that the learned ability to accurately calculate your tax and guess your total before the cashier in the drive-through lane tells you how much your burger and drink costs is a certifiable issue, but I beg to differ. As I may have pointed out before, I like to think of it as thriftiness, y'all. And I do love me some thriftiness with extra vegetables.

But hey, it's summer and I'm a jobless hobo, and since job searching and googling 'lose 10 pounds tomorrow' and 'funny youtube clip' have been bringing me into a closer bond of fellowship with my computer, you can expect me to pop up again soon.

And with that ominous warning promise, I bid you good day.

Until next time, dear bloggites!

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