Her, Here.

Today I re-read a post at Bring The Rain that smacked me in the heart. I'd only had a chance to skim through it, so I went back today.

You'll want to check it out.

It's okay, go ahead. I'll wait right here.

The emotions and the conflict of reconciling a calling and ministry and passion with everyday living that she writes about? Well, sister girl is reading my mind, y'all.

I can close my eyes and perfectly recall moments in time that are so crystallized in my memory that I'm almost there again. Times when lives were changed in an instant and grace rested over hushed gatherings with fellow servants of God and hands reached out to touch another soul and tears were shed simply because we knew in our hearts that the gift of a moment sharing His anointing with another is far more than any of us deserve.

Moments when ministry happened.

But right now?

Right now I'm doing the daily. The practical, necessary things that will result in my degree [finally] and my financial security. Right now I am daydreaming my way through textbooks on statistics and theories and hunting for jobs simply for the paycheck that will carry me through.

And reading reports about events that I wish I could be a part of.

And praying for people and miracles that I can't even see.

And banging out scales on the piano when I really want to be playing songs of joy again. [But really, it's about time I learned to play by note!]

There's a parallel there, yes?

I'm just sayin'.

But more than straining at the barriers, impatiently trying to skim through lessons and steps that will ultimately serve as a foundation for me to minister even more effectively, I need to be her, here.

My mission field surrounds me daily; I live to be an extension of His heart.

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