Where, Oh Where, Are You Tonight?

Nothin' but love for Hazel. Seriously, do you not just secretly cringe at adore Buck Owens howling through the chorus?

But I digress.

So this month. In a word, wow! Or maybe 'whew!' since I've had trouble catching up with my brain long enough to post. It's tragic. I have random notes scribbled onto bits of scrap paper and old receipts and typed into my phone - bloggy things I can't remember how I planned to share.

Tilapia/Zucchini? 2 Samuel 22:17-20? Security - Ty story?

Um.. Right-o.

Apparently, I have the memory span of a goldfish. A goldfish might have me beaten on the note-taking skills, though. My bad. May I offer you a summary instead?

1 - I am still officially job-hunting. Yes, still. Sure, telling people that I am a Freelance Graphic Designer sounds glamorous, except that businesses are putting on their recession boots and holding off on redesign projects these days. So I've been knocking on doors and praying that Jesus would provide something in the way of a paying job... And I have an interview tomorrow!

2 - I am still hitting the roads on an almost-constant basis. I've been dragging dearest sister along for the rides, which makes road time much more bearable.

3 - I am having the hardest time EVER with my classload this semester. Really, after spending 7 years [part-time, in my defense! ;)] on a 4-year degree, you'd think that I would have the school gig down to a fine art, but Spring 2009 Semester has reminded me that I can, indeed, be kicked in the academic tail.

4 - is a nice, even number, so I'll stop by saying this; JOIN ME ON TWITTER! :) I know. I am soooo understated. Since I seem to be able to handle updates that are 140 characters or less, though, come follow me and I can follow you and I will make you fishers of random, useless bits of information. Amens.

Oh, and one more thing to add to the potpourri of randomness?

Don't mind if I do. Have a happy humpday! :)

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