Photo Fun.... Um.. YEAH!

I've come to the sad conclusion that I will never be immortalized in paint by Andy Warhol, I will never grace the cover of Victoria Beckham's favorite magazine, no one is interested in chalking my likeness upon city sidewalks, and I already missed my opportunity to make the front page of the Annandale Advocate in March of 1985.

I know.

It's a tragedy that I had to face.

I can have fun sticking my nose into other people's pictures at Photofunia, though, and that's just as good.

Or better, because I don't have to wear sunglasses at night.

Poking around on their site has carried me through many a long, boring class period, though - I've 'funiad [because I feel like Photofunia and I are on nickname terms, even if said nickname makes me hungry for onion-flavored chips] myself, my longsuffering family members, and random pictures from Google, and it's still not old.

Because I'm way too easily amused/distracted truly convinced that the most entertaining endeavors in life only cost us time and love, of course.

Viva La 'Funia-ing!

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