I've Got A {Spring} Fever!

Happy Spring Break, y'all!

The term 'break' is a little ironic, yes? After all, spring break means more schedule shuffling. And more errand running. And plans to 'catch up' on everything that has been put off until now. And for me, recovery from a minor surgical procedure last week.

But it's a lovely break since I have two very special visitors for the week!

Two of my precious nephews are here to visit for the week, so this Spring Break also means baking cookies. Every day. [Heeelloo, hips.] And playing at the park. And cuddling during those old black-and-white Popeye cartoons that Ty loves. And I am lovin' it, y'all! I fully intend to make the most of the little moments like these. Today was park day, and it was one of roughly two days of the year when the weather in SoTx is absolutely perfect. Here's a few snaps [from my camera phone, hence the ghetto fabulousness] of today's adventures.

Ty and I squint into the sun while sweet baby Ray chews on his overalls - and this is a good shot!
Here's my sweet little Ty. He was content to swing for hours. When I suggested that he slide or swing from the monkey bars, he said 'Actually, I'm okay just swinging here' and he was so cute about it that I totally believed him.

Ty and I. He was beautifully patient about the whole taking-pictures-at-the-park-when-we're-supposed-to-be-here-to-play thing.

Pushing sweet baby Ray on the baby swing. He wasn't convinced that swinging was such a great idea at first...
... And he kept acting very offended that I would push his seat. How dare I attempt to unsettle the king of cuteness from his throne?

Eventually, he got the hang of enjoying the ride, though!

...So what are your break plans? ;o)

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