Fruit Turnover

So I might have been {somewhat} included in a conversation with two darling gals - best friends for decades, in fact - that might have pricked my heart.

I'm going to take my creative liberty right here and write a screenplay based on, y'know, fictional characters.

You know, to make it politically correct and everything.

Hypothetically speaking.

You can forward your letters of gratitude to my professor, who will be pleased to know that this screenwriting nonsense is paying off. Just don't tell him I'm not working on my rough draft.

And So She Speaks Hypothetically
Original Screenplay by Rachel
Copyright 2009
{Ok, not copyrighted, actually. But don't tell the internets!}

Girl A
Spoken in a southern drawl, using hand motions expressively
"You know, I just don't even think about the situation that happened. I'm just trusting in Jesus. Everything's going to be great!"

Girl B
Quieter speech, with a puzzled expression
"But.. You were so worried during the situation. Are you sure you're okay with it all?"

Girl A
Sharply, eyebrows drawn into a frown
"What?!? I was NOT worried. I am fine."

Girl B
Patting Girl A on the arm reassuringly
"Well, okay, but I really remember that you were upset about it..."

Girl A
Jerking arm away and crossing arms belligerently
"You just need to stop talking, NOW. You're about to make me really mad. Just stop. No, I AM FINE WITH IT. I. JUST. SAID. THAT."

"So how's your tea, ladies?"

Y'all, it's going to be a blockbuster hit someday.

No autographs, please.

Our little tea party has nothing to do with becoming famous and everything to do with our {y'know. Me, you, and the world. That's all of us, honey} perception of the fruits of the spirit.

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law." Gal. 5:22-23

Whether or not you believe in being a fruit-of-the-Spirit kind of person, you can't deny that people who are loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, and generally good and caring are people who are well-liked. You know it's true. Those people are the ninjas of nice; everyone knows they're the greatest at it. And that's totally awesome. But what happens when everyone isn't around? When a stiletto breaks, when they're delayed unexpectedly by someone taking too long in the bathroom, when a monkey wrench is thrown into carefully-laid plans?

What fruits do the people who live closest to them see?

See, it's one thing to be nice to mere acquaintances. After all, they're the masses that Jesus wants us to be a bright and shiny lamp for. Bless their hearts. And it goes without saying that major cool points are earned when everyone knows you're nice.

And we do love us some cool points.

But it's a true test of character to gracefully, cheerfully endure a family squabble, losing the last piece of cheesecake because someone stole took it out of the 'fridge {again!} before you got home, or dealing with a longtime friend who questions the truth of your positive, I'm-holding-hands-with-Jesus outlook in front of others.

Do you really possess those fruits if they're only shared with people you're trying to impress?

I'm a work in progress. I know how easy it is to lose my cool with the people who see me every day. {I know, I know. Ninjas have their off days, too, right?} But my life was dramatically changed a few years ago when this simple thought took root in my heart. And again, when this conversation slapped me on the chin.

If you really want to make these attributes a part of your nature {and it's possible to change your attitude, believe it or not!}, start practicing on the people who love you unconditionally. They're the ones who deserve your kindness, your self-control, and your love - even more than the people you strive so diligently to impress.

After all, they love you in spite of your stanky self.

I can't claim to know your life. I don't know if you have a mean husband who leaves socks on the floor or tells you you're getting tubby or a crazy mother who thinks you're making the Worst Decision Ever or a wife who nags you about your socks.

But I can tell you that if you save all your bright and shiny positive characteristics for outsiders, your bright and shiny characteristics don't belong to you at all. It's as convincing as passing off a plastic banana to the real peel.

In other words, darlin', you've got some fruit that is going bad.

Disclaimer/Fine Print/Please-don't-get-nervous Notice
It's an illustration. I am not - in any way, form, or fashion - pointing fingers at any person. This post isn't about publicly embarrassing anyone. It's merely an example. Of a screenplay that is sure to be a blockbuster, naturally. Also, you are all welcome to tea with me anytime.

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