Multi-Culturalism, Blockbusters, and Taco Bell.

I know.


But to properly sum up my life these days, only a string of almost-incoherent babble [a la facebook's word verification] or a Wordle cloud will do.

Since I can only chuckle about wouldn't dream of making you read a puzzling array of random words like that, I'll go for it in listed form.

You can thank my melancholy mom.

1. I have spent a few weeks with some of the most precious gals New Zealand and Australia have to offer, and I'm delighted to say that we enjoyed every second of their visit. Well, aside from the seconds spent crammed into my little Honda with 5 girls and their accompanying luggage. 'Cause even 'this is going to be SO funny later' has its limits, y'all.

2. I'm becoming multi-cultural. Yes, for real. I learned a whole song in Maori. It's called 'Jesus is Here' and it's lovely, but much lovelier when Val sings it. And I learned my Ghanaian name. It's Abinah, which means 'Girl born on Tuesday' and is, according to Ghanaian culture, the name that God intended for me, being a girl born on a Tuesday and all. And I order whole meals in Spanish sometimes, too. I'm going places!

3. Jesus has been using some incredible people and experiences to pour His love on me, and I'm so, so, SO grateful/hopeful/unworthy/excited about the things He's speaking into me and the people He's brought me into contact with. More on this later, you can count on it.

4. I'm back in school, hopefully serving out my next-to-last semester of torture at university. My classload includes algebra, which I have successfully avoided during my entire scholastic career - until now - and screenwriting, which serves absolutely no purpose for me except as an English credit. I'm totally going places with my screenwriting career.

5. I'm job-hunting again. And may I say that whoever is responsible for this economic recession needs a good scolding? Thank you, I feel so much better now.

6. I have discovered a passion for chocolate sour cream donuts that will surely be the crowning glory of my diet. Because what spells health and well-being like deep-fried, glazed goodness? I can be thankful that my new obsession has replaced my deep-rooted love for the cheesy gordita crunch, at least. Donuts are way better.


And with that, I'm off to write a paper and finish folding my clothes and cook dinner and design a business card and run to the grocery store and edit a video, among other things.

See you here soon!

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