From Timbuktu to Djibouti

Hello, bloggites!

It's a whole new year already!

What? You already noticed that?

The smartest people in the world read my blog. I just know it.

I do hope your holidays were happy, healthy, and full of joy and peace. Mine abounded in all of those things, plus a little gluttony, family feuds over card games bonding, an episode with sickness that we won't discuss, and a whole lot of laziness.

Rather than jump back into the world [because, you know, it's dangerous out here] I've taken the liberty of slowing down this month. I try not to get bogged down in New Year's resolutions [as you may recall, listmaking is the death of me] but I did resolve to orient myself towards my family during my [blessedly lengthy] break from university. For the past few years, my life has carried me from Timbuktu to Djibouti [Ok, ok, not really, but it sounds like a long jog!] and my breaks have been spent in a whirlwind of activities not at all related to my family. So we've been due for some card games and dinners spent together, and that's what we've done.

So there's that. I can say [with equal parts satisfaction and embarrassment] that the only consistently productive thing I've done is begin the Great Job Hunt. Oh, and win 8 straight games of Apples to Apples, 'cause I'm nothing if not convincing. Settling into a job will be a huge committment to this area, one which I both look forward to and dread, honestly, but I am excited about the possibilities!

Also, I begin my last year of university next week, which means that my world is beginning to creak back into high-octane action. And then I'll return to my former ways of the blog.

Until then, you'll find me playing card games at the kitchen table in my jammies. Drinking gallons of sweet tea. Hello, New Year's Diet.

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