Sloooowly I Click..

Merry Wednesday, dear bloggites. I hope you're well.

Me? I'm doin' GREAT! Thanks for asking. ['Cause I know you did. Right?]

I mean that most sincerely, despite the final exams still looming over my head and the bronchitis-like cough currently rattling my lungs out of my ribcage. Life's still good!

My biggest problem these days is the fact that I'm So. Stinking. Distractable. Point in case: I keep getting sidetracked by Christmas every time I crack open another textbook. Seriously, how am I supposed to think about physiological psychology and learning and memory studies in the 20th century when I could be elbow-deep in crafty, adorable holiday things, getting my fill of fat little snowpeople and wonky gingerbread cookies and Mexican hot cocoa.

It's enough to drive a sane girl like me to the brink of loony, I tell you. Especially when I see adorable projects like the ones featured at The Empire That Is Martha and I immediately feel an urgent need to replicate them. For some strange reason, their paper Christmas trees are begging me to make them. I kid you not. Martha is killing me with her daily holiday projects, y'all.

But I still heart Martha Stewart and her vast array of creativity ninjas.

[By the way of a byline, this title will only make sense if you're an I Love Lucy fan. Viva vaudeville!]

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