The Slippery Slope.

Is it even possible to eat healthy foods for free [or cheap] dollars with 0 extra minutes to spare? 'Cause the unthinkable has happened, y'all.

My cute little color-coded food pyramid [inspired by, of course, the official government agency on all things food] is officially in a funk.

Because living in my life is tough work.

Okay, okay, so there really is no excuse, but somewhere along the path, my 2008 resolution to eat colorful, crunchy vegetables in abundance [and therefore set free the skinny woman inside me] turned into a decision to consume the cheapest, most filling, most quickly obtained substances possible.

Cue Taco Bell. And Burger King. And Panera. And Chipotle. And Cane's.

Oh, yeah. It's that bad.

At first, the change was subtle. It would be okay as long as I texted Diet.com for every fast food meal, counting calories and fats and basing my decisions on the least evil choice. Then it was okay because I already knew the calorie count of a Whopper, so I was prepared. I was determined to keep the fat girl from re-emerging, victorious and a little smug; so determined, in fact, that I made a valiant effort to cook my own food. That quickly turned into 'cook my own Lean Cuisine', which quickly turned into 'throw some Pizza Rolls' into the oven while I'm writing this paper.

Clearly, this less-than-healthy approach is doing nothing for the skinny girl inside me, so I have a plan to do battle against the fat girl again...

Right after I finish cooking those Pizza Rolls.

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