On A Wing And A Prayer.

At the [very high] risk of sounding like a lunatic, I have to admit something to you, my favorite bloggites.

I heart Skymall.

I have to diverge here for just a moment, though, because I might have forgotten to mention that I recently embarked on a one-weekend, whirlwind trip from Texas to Ohio and back to take part in the wedding festivities of my lovely friends Tara and Ryan.

I know. My unfaithfulness to blogdom is shameful. I do hereby sincerely repent for my unbloggy ways.

I'm going to totally make it up to you by sharing the highlights, though, ok? Seriously, I had a blast just seeing old-new-old friends in Ohio; I have so missed them all since coming back to Texas.

If that wasn't cool enough, though, [and it totally was, but I'm just sayin'] I got to cruise the Ohio plains in a Dodge Charger. And I looked 'fierce' - if the guy at the rental desk wasn't lying to me. Sneaky little man, I see you upselling to me!

Plus, I got to go to Calvary and worship with the church family that embraced me for 10 months. And I got to spend some quality time shopping at a super-top-secret-hush-hush-employee-sale at my favorite store with a Secret, thanks to my lovely hostess Addie. $6 sweats from the Pink line - that's all I'm saying. [Yes, she rocks. No, you may not keep her in your pocket.]

It was a wonderful experience, full of laughter, a few tears, and quite a bit of sugar to cement the memories. Oh, and I also brought back The Coolest, Most Amazing Magazine Ever.

What, you say? What is this bastion of goodness?

That would be none other than the Skymall magazine, my friend. I have nothing but love in my heart for the wonders that unfold in its pages. I'm not going to lie. After the plane had lifted into the air [by God's grace, because I was definitely talking to Him about it] and the conversation about my seatmate's sailboat and his passion for Italian food started to fade, I had mercy on the poor fellow [he was beginning to shift uncomfortably at my random conversation] and started examining the contents of the seat pocket in front of me.

And that's when I found The Magazine. [It is only appropriate to refer to it in titling, btw.] And that's when I started dog-earing that sucker like a pioneer woman with a Sears and Roebuck. A blanket with sleeves, aptly monikered 'the slanket' and available in 5 colors? Oh, yes. Yes please. And whoever invented the personal toothbrush sanitizer must have been divinely inspired, because I think the Lord wants me to have one.

I wasn't as keen on the 'Richard The Lionhearted Throne' or the 'Deer Head Shelf', to be sure, but you can't fault them for covering all the bases. I'm just sayin'.

Do yourself a favor. Book thee a flight [anywhere is fine, but if you're looking for not-so-lovely weather, fantastic food, and great company, I recommend Texas] and throw yourself into this magazine with wild abandon.

Or, you know, you can check out their website. It's your call.

But don't say I didn't warn you.

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