Say Hello...

..To my little friend, the Spurs widget. Because everyone needs to know exactly what they're doing, yes?

No? Step aside, naysayers, this team is the best in the business.

Due to a period in my life that I fondly refer to as 'the San Antonio times' [shoutouts to my homies from HOPE!] I became a deeply devoted fan of all things Spurs. My family, curious about my sudden support, decided to check 'em out... And became deeply devoted fans, naturally.

One of my favorite things about the team is their commitment to the community. The Spurs team members are great about taking active part in community enrichment, and the community loves 'em right back for it.

'Cause these are our boys, yo.

Even newbie George Hill [who is so lovable I want to keep him in my pocket!] is in on the generous action; he just made a couple of SA-area kiddos very, very happy for Christmas.

*le sigh*

I heart you, you wonderful, ridiculously large, basketball-playing boys.


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