The Most Wonderful Time..

How are you, dearest bloggites?

I hope that you're happy, healthy, and at peace - and that you've sufficiently satisfied all your turkey-and-dressing cravings for 2008, 'cause it's holiday season. And that's what we do.

I'm still basking in the holiday glow and unashamedly enjoying the leftovers, myself. Oh, yes, I am. I kidnapped [with permission, which makes it sooo much more legal] all three of my precious nephews at Christmas, and I've been having a blast bonding with them and with my family during this season.

Yes, we're being fat and lazy.

I make no apologies.

So the hectic part of the festivities has passed, and between tossing back the leftover cookies and Christmas fudge I seem to be consuming at alarming rates, I'm working on a list. [You may recall that my melancholy mother is to blame for the listmaking tendencies, but I bear her no ill will. Live and let list, I say.]

I think it's important to make lists around this time of year. Why? I'm not completely sure, but I know that people do this religiously, so I feel compelled to join. That's the sanguine in me, copycatting the melancholy in you.

My Must-Do List
[before 2008 is gone and I'm haunted by my lack of listing]

Find gainful employment
Start dieting again
Make cookies with my nephews
Try not to eat too many of the cookies we made
Eat too many cookies
Wake up earlier every day to work out
Take naps watching cartoons with my nephews
Work out
Chase my nephews around the house
Pare down my wardrobe to make more space
Buy adorable sweater on clearance
Catch up with old friends I've lost touch with this year
Avoid the town gossip at Walmart because my hair isn't fixed
Journal more memories before I forget them
Take [and make!] more photo opportunities with my family

As you can see, I'm off to a rousing start. I do have something to show for all of my listing [besides extra pounds and a fabulous sweater] though; Leah and I had a chance to take all three nephews for a spin in their new outfits [yes, yes I do have fabulous taste in little boy clothes, thankyouverymuch!] and we snapped a few a load of pictures.

Behold the cuteness that is Damien [10], Tyler [6], and Raiden [6 months].

I know. It's too much.

So... The year is drawing to a close; have you tossed out the 2008 edition of your to-do list yet?

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